Wind data sources

A collection of wind data sources in the public domain. – huge array of wind resource data from Denmark and other countries, compiled by DTU. Some wind turbine generation data and structural response data also. Registration is required and not all data is free.

Egmond aan Zee offshore wind farm data — c. four years of meteo data and other useful information  from a wind farm site off the Dutch coast.

FINO 1,2,3 masts in the North Sea — meteo data from three different sites available for several years. Registration required. Database here.

Wind data discoverable via OpenEI – a wide range of wind maps, wind resource data for many countries

Bonneville Power Administration (USA) – transmission data, wind generation, meteo data, historic wind forecasts

Eirgrid – historic total wind generation, interconnection flows, forecasts and other transmission system level data from Ireland. Open access, no registration required.

Irish wind generation, market and forecast data also available from SEMO , see post here for details. Registration required.

Some additional resources:

ESRL NOAA datasets (including reanalysis from NCEP and ERA-Interim) available via this portal