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Loading the dice: climate change & extreme weather in Ireland, Europe and the World

A public lecture by Prof. Myles Allen, Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford. This will take place on Monday 27th February 2016 at 6.30pm in UCC’s Western Gateway Building.
The lecture also marks the commencement of ClimAtt, a new UCC-led research project on climate change attribution of extreme weather events.
Attendance is free and all are welcome, but registration is required via eventbrite.

Postdoctoral position and Master’s studentships in Extreme Event Attribution

A postdoctoral research assistant position and two funded Master’s studentships are available in Extreme Weather Event attribution.

Media reports frequently link extreme events to climate change, but until relatively recently the scientific community was reluctant to attribute individual events or classes of events to climate change. However, climate modelling has now advanced to the point where probabilistic event risk ‘attribution studies’ are possible, even in near-real time.

The EPA-Funded ClimAtt project will review methods and simulation datasets used to support climate change attribution studies. It will identify the best data and methods for attribution studies of Irish extreme weather events. It will attempt to quantify the influence of climate change on specific past events with severe economic or social impacts, identified from a study of historic extreme events in Ireland. An end-to-end attribution study of a selected flood event will be made, coupling a hydrological model to a weather ensemble. Recommendations will be made on datasets, methods and tools for event attribution for Irish conditions.

The Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford, a pioneer of Probabilistic Event Attribution studies, is a partner in this project.

For details of the posts, visit the UCC recruitment webpage