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UCC subsonic wind tunnel

We operate a subsonic wind tunnel facility which is suitable for teaching, demonstration, and research in windflow sensing, visualisation and instrumentation. Wind speeds of up to 25 m/s may be generated in the test section, which has a cross-sectional area of 30 cm by 40 cm. The 4 kW fan is controlled by a variable speed drive. Airflow is sensed using a Pitot tube combined with an in-house developed Arduino-based data acquisition system. The test section has a magnetically-secured removable perspex viewing window which also facilitates easy placement of test bodies in the tunnel.

The wind tunnel was designed by interns and undergraduate students and was built by the technical staff and students of the School of Engineering. Funding support was generously provided by the School of Engineering, Science Foundation Ireland’s Stokes Lectureship Programme and UCC’s Strategic Research Fund.

UCC Wind Tunnel

UCC Wind Tunnel Facility

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