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Irish Offshore Wind Projects 2002-2016

Ireland’s only offshore wind farm, Airtricity’s Arklow Bank I, was commissioned in 2004. Since then,  offshore wind energy has failed to progress in Irish waters, mainly due to the lack of subsidies available to operators.

This page lists all the offshore wind projects that have been proposed for Irish waters. The list is based on that in McGarrigle & Leahy’s 2013 paper “How much wind energy will be curtailed on the 2020 Irish power system?” (available here). It now seems unlikely that any of these projects will be developed without a new subsidy regime for offshore wind.

  • Arklow Bank Phase 1 (ROI)  25.2 MW – operational
  • Dublin Array (ROI)  364 MW
  • Oriel (ROI)  320 MW
  • Doolick/Fuinneamh Sceirde (ROI)  100 MW
  • Codling wind park (ROI)  1100 MW
  • Arklow Bank Phase 2 (ROI)  493 MW
  • North Irish Sea Array (ROI) 15 MW [1]
  • First Flight (NI)  400 MW


  1. North Irish Sea Array is a proposed partial development of the Oriel Windfarm site by Oriel & Gaelectric. See this article for details of the 2015 joint announcement.

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